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 Act 2 Scene 6 The model of a modern headmaster... wooden

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Act 2 Scene 6 The model of a modern headmaster... wooden Empty
PostSubject: Act 2 Scene 6 The model of a modern headmaster... wooden   Act 2 Scene 6 The model of a modern headmaster... wooden I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 4:56 pm

Act 2 Scene 6
Mr Hideaway’s office. The walls are soundproofed and the windows triple glazed to protect Mr Hideaway from the sounds and noises, and any general inconvenience of a large secondary school, which might otherwise disturb his rest. In addition a ferociously unpleasant and uncooperative personal security is stationed in a small room outside Mr Hideaway’s office to ensure nobody gets to speak to Mr Hideaway unless he specifically wants to which is very rare.
Mr Hideaway: Sit down please Miss Green.
Mr Hideaway gestures to the chair in front of his desk and Cecilia silently takes a seat.

Mr Hideaway:  Do you remember making an application to join the Virgin Wood’s drama school?

Cecilia:  Yes sir.
Mr Hideaway: Well. I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted. That’s good news isn’t it?
Cecilia: smiles with surprised pleasure Yes sir. It’s fantastic. Wow, I can’t believe it.
Mr Hideway: Why not? You’re just what they’re looking for. A pretty, well mannered, pleasant and eager little girl. Just what they’re looking for. Mr Hideaway looks long and hard at Cecilia I used to tread the boards as a younger man you know.
Cecilia: successfully feigning interest Oh?
Mr Hideaway:  Indeed. Before all this. gestures around him. Yes. Lost in thought. Remembering himself. In fact it appears we have a mutual friend Miss Green and it is to him that you owe your good fortune. He is a special friend of mine with whom I share a common bond. He is a member of my local club. Mr Hands!
From out of a shadow in the corner of the room a tall thin grey man with long fingered hands emerges towards Cecilia with his hands outstretched. Cecelia visibly jumps with surprise but maintains her composure and raises to shake hands with Mr Hands. Cecilia smiles wanly visibly creeped out by the sepulchral Mr Hands.
Mr Hands: So pleased to meet you at last Miss Green. My friend Mr Hideaway has told me so much about you. It is to him you owe your acceptance to our special school. He spoke of you in such glowing terms and made it quite clear that you are just the type of fresh young person we are looking for.

Cecelia proffers her hand to Mr Hands who instead reaches out with his arms and takes Cecelia by the shoulders.

Mr Hands: Poo-poo Miss Green. You’re going to be an actress now. You can dispense with such formality among fellow acting friends. He kisses her on both cheeks. There we are.Lovely and fresh.
Ceciliaraises an eyebrow and scarcely perceptibly, gives him and Mr Hideaway a satirical look which clearly shows that she understands what kind of common bond these two ‘gentlemen’ share.
Cecilia: Thank you Mr Hands for giving me this wonderful opportunity turning to Mr Hideaway and thank you sir for....pauses while she struggles to think of something...
Mr Hideaway: Think nothing of it Cecilia dear. It’s my job it’s what I’m here for.
Cecilia: smilingAbsolutely.
Mr Hideaway: Mr Hands thinks you could probably join before the end of term. That way you’ll be settled in before next term starts.
Cecilia: Confused But what about my exams Sir? I need to sit my exams.
Mr Hideaway: Oh don’t bother yourself about that Cecilia, the education you’ll get with Mr Woods is a hundred times better than the worthless runaround you’ll get here. Count yourself lucky Cecilia, gives a conspiratorial wink and speaks soto voce get out of here while you can. Suddenly becoming grave and serious. There’s nothing for you here.
Mr Hands rubbing his hands: What do you think Cecilia? Would you like to join us straightaway? The sooner we get started the sooner we can work on making you a star and we can put all this with a gesture which not only encompassed the school, but the whole district behind us.
Cecilia: Appealing to Mr Hideaway But what about my friends Sir, I must say goodbye to all my friends.
Mr Hands: grinning Come come Miss Green. There’s no need to be concerned. After all, you’ll soon have something much much better than ‘friends’.
Cecilia: consideringI think I would like to start next week, that way I can say good bye to my friends and tell them what’s happening. They’ll be so pleased. But it’s a shame they can’t come with me though.
Mr Hands: Very well Miss Green, we can accommodate you. But next week you must be ready to start with us so we can get you into the right condition and get you used to.....our ‘system’.  Don’t worry about missing your friends Cecilia. We’re you’re friends now.
Cecilia gives a wide eyed satirical look which she times so the two men wouldn’t notice, more for her own amusement and an attempt to create some mild gesture of opposition to their oily impositions.

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Act 2 Scene 6 The model of a modern headmaster... wooden
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