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 Act 2 scene 5 Modern education

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PostSubject: Act 2 scene 5 Modern education   Act 2 scene 5 Modern education I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 4:55 pm

The Fay Sucka Vudras Community school East London.
Miss Neways, the English teacher is addressing a student at the back who is sexually molesting a fellow student who is screaming for help.
Miss Neways :Now I'm going to give you a choice, if you don't stop raping that girl, I'll have to send you to the time-out room. It's your choice! I'm going to leave you to think about it!

There’s a knock at the door and the headmaster Mr Hideaway enter the room. Good morning students. His words and his presence are totally ignored by the class.

Mr Hideaway: Sorry to disturb your lesson Miss Neways. I’ve just received some important news relating to Cecilia Green, I hope it won’t inconvenience you to much to release her to my car, I mean care.
Miss Neways: Cecelia, somebody wants to speak to you, would you go with the headmaster please. Quietly addressing Mr Hideaway Headmaster,  I’m having a spot of bother with Simon here, as I’m a new teacher, could you give me a bit of help.

Mr Hideaway:  Of course Miss Neways always willing to help new staff deal with behaviour difficulties. What you have to do is complete the correct form and submit it to the weekly behaviour committee. You can find the correct discipline form outside the school office. Miss Neways seems a bit disappointed. On second thoughts, don’t worry about it Miss Neways, I’ll take care of everything. Miss Neways smiles and is visibly encouraged.Turns to look at Simon What I’ll do is I’ll send a student courier along with the correct form.

Miss Neways bemused and returns to her early disappointment:Oh...Er....
Mr Hideway: A pleasure, that’s what I’m here for. Turning to Cecila Green. Come with me young lady, I’ve got some good news for you! Your ticket out of here!
Cecelia leaves the room with Mr Hideaway.  Miss Neways looks watches them as they leave the room. She then turns to the back of the class again and with a sigh addresses Simon at the back of the class.

Miss Neways: So you're still raping that girl. I thought I'd made myself clear about your choices. You had the choice to continue raping the girl and go to the time out room, or stop raping the girl and stay in the classroom. I am disappointed that you have chosen to continue to rape the girl, therefore you have chosen to be sent to the time out room to cool off for five minutes. Now Simon, I would like you to go to the time-out room, remember that was your choice.

Simon: Suck my dick Miss!

Miss Neways: Now Simon, I'm disappointed that you have chosen to speak to me like that so I'm going to have to give you another choice.....

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Act 2 scene 5 Modern education
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