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 Act 6 Scene 4 Back on the Road

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Act 6 Scene 4 Back on the Road Empty
PostSubject: Act 6 Scene 4 Back on the Road   Act 6 Scene 4 Back on the Road I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2018 9:27 am

Act 6 Scene 4

PC Ellis is back in his car. It is night-time and the only light outside is the light from the distant stars and the moon.

PC Ellis: Where is that bastard?

He scours the fields around him for any sight of what he is looking for.

PC Ellis: How can I lose him again? I found him once. This is bloody ridiculous.

He pulls over and takes out his radio.

PC Ellis: Sarge, I can’t find him anywhere. What shall I do? Hello Sarge? Are you there? There is nothing but static on the radio. Hello? This is PC Ellis.

He is answered by nothing but the sound of static. He stops his car and gets out. He looks across into the adjacent field and sees nothing but trees. There are three of them, closely stood next to eachother. Each, exactly the same height as the other. Exasperated he turns around.

PC Ellis: What am I supposed to do now?

With a growing desperation he looks up into the night sky. Whereas before the sky was full of stars now only the belt of Orion is visible in the whole night-sky, just three stars in a row. He returns to his car and suddenly a car drives past at speed, it has three red rear lights.

PC Ellis: I’m having you my son.

He follows the car at speed and turns on his siren, he is about to attempt to overtake the car and force the car to a stop, when to his alarm and surprise the car takes a sudden and unexpected turn off the road and appears to vanish.

PC Ellis turns around and tries to find where the car he was following left the road but he can find no other road except the road he is now on and seems to run in a straight line ahead and behind. He scratches his head.

PC Ellis: Which way is ahead and which way is behind? Jesus, I can’t even remember which way I came now.

He stares blankly in one direction, then the other. The road appearing identical in both directions. He looks up at the sky and sees only total blackness now. The blackness starts to descend on him. He goes back into the car and suddenly the headlights in his car go out. A red light signaling a failed battery flashes up briefly before plunging him into total obscurity.

He sits there for a moment in total darkness, all the while a growing terror comes upon him.

He hears a sound, distant at first.

A child’s voice. It seems to be coming from the woods away from the road.

PC Ellis: looks with uncertainty I’m not bloody going in there. Looks bloody spooky.

The child’s voice is heard again laughing.

Then it speaks more clearly:

Child’s voice: Don’t be frightened Shire Reeve, you must come into the woods.

PC Ellis: clearly frightened I’m not going into the woods. Why don’t you come here?

Child’s voice: I can’t come to your land, you must come to mine.

PC Ellis looks around and gets the distinct impression that the darkness around him is eroding the whole world around him, in fact he can hardly see anything and the sound of the child’s voice is the only thing which is giving him any sense of direction.

PC Ellis: taking out and extending his baton Where are you? I can’t see anything.

Child’s voice: I’ll light the rushlights.

A dim glow of three lights spontaneously appears some hundred meters ahead.

PC Ellis: arrives at three branches stuck into the ground Where are you?

Child’s voice: I’m here.

PC Ellis: Why can’t I see you?

Child’s voice: Because you don’t know what I look like.

PC Ellis: What do you look like?

Child’s voice: I can’t remember. But I am a little girl.

The vague shape of a little girl appears shimmering in the midst of the three burning reeds.

Little girl: My name is Susanne. My friends need your help.

PC Ellis: Where are your friends?

Little Suzi: They are trapped in the cave of the horrible house.

PC Ellis: How can I help them?

Little Suzi: You have to wake up and bring the other Shire Reeves.

PC Ellis: Wake up?

Little Suzi: You are asleep.

PC Ellis: Am I? I don’t think so young lady. Then it dawns on PC Ellis that he IS asleep Oh yes, I remember, I heard a scream from a big house and I went to investigate.

Little Suzi: They caught you just like they catch everyone and if you don’t wake up they will make you disappear from your land and you will be here with me forever.

PC Ellis: tries to wake up but can’t How can I wake up?

Little Suzi: You have to close your eyes and relax but when you return you will only be able to do one thing before you come here again.

PC Ellis: What should I do?

Little Suzi: I don’t know.

Suddenly PC Ellis hears a distant police siren, it comes closer, lights blazing through the woods despite there being no road. The police car passes and PC Ellis looks out to see a policeman looking at him questioningly while gesturing with three fingers of his right hand. The policeman’s eyes open wider and he looks at PC Ellis questioningly. 

PC Ellis: Of course!

PC Ellis closes his eyes and clears his sleeping mind.

His right eye opens a millimetre, the effects of the sedative drug feel like he has an elephant sat on top of him. He can’t move or open his other eye. With a superhuman effort he tries to move some part of his body and finds he cannot move his legs or his arms. His eyelid feels like a ten-ton bank vault door which is about to swing closed. PC Ellis knows he doesn’t have much time left before he loses consciousness again. He shakes his head to try to resist the drug and finds he can move his head laterally to the left only. With his barely open eye he can see his radio and the PTT button. With his chin his touches the button, he hears the crackle of the signal transmission. With an effort he tries to speak.

PC Ellis: struggling to make a sound ffff ffff freee. Ellsh. Ellish. Ellis. PC Ellis. Code three. Code three. Code….

Then he collapses back into unconsciousness.

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Act 6 Scene 4 Back on the Road
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