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 Act 2 Scene 1 Miss Lookaway seals the deal

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Act 2 Scene 1 Miss Lookaway seals the deal Empty
PostSubject: Act 2 Scene 1 Miss Lookaway seals the deal   Act 2 Scene 1 Miss Lookaway seals the deal I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 4:33 pm

The Virgin Woods drama school for cute and attractive children in London.
Mr Hands Miss Lookaway and Mrs Woods are both in an office talking.
Mrs Woods: They  have agreed to help us by funding a  scholarship for poor yet attractive children for at least ten years. Of course, they have their own requirements and stipulations. They require exclusive rights of the poor yet attractive child so (looking at Mr Hands) hands off, best you keep a reasonable distance at all times.  However, Mrs Lookaway, we have particular set of instructions for you. You are to make the child feel acutely class conscious and mildly resentful of the other students. We have prepared a set of role-plays and scripts which you can use in conjunction with other members of staff.
Miss Lookaway: For what reason am I to make the child feel acutely class conscious and mildly resentful of the other students?
Mrs Woods: Is there any requirement for you to know this?
Miss Lookaway: I’ve been here five years Mrs Woods and I haven’t received a pay raise in all that time, I think at least you could reward me by initiating me into the deeper mysteries somewhat.
Mrs Woods looks at Mr Hands who crumples his face like a soiled hanky, then straightens it and  imperceptibly nods assent.
Mrs Woods: Very well then Miss Lookaway, since you have served us with due diligence and discretion for the past five years as you say, I think you are ready to be admitted to a certain level of higher responsibility.
Miss Lookaway: Thankyou Mrs Woods.
Mrs Woods:  The reason the child is to be treat this way is not part of our programme but is something the benefactors of the scholarship have requested as being essential to their involvement. That is the reason.
Miss Lookaway:  Oh no you don’t. I want to know the reasoning behind it and what is the final goal. How can I work when I don’t know what I’m working for? It’ll just be another mix-up and end in tears like that poor girl who jumped off the roof that time.
Mr Hands: (languidly interrupting) I take your point Miss Lookaway. If I tell you why the benefactor has made this request you will have to give us something to show that you are able to be trusted with this information. After all, only myself, Mrs Woods herself and the benefactors themselves are privy to this information. Informing you would mean you were coming closer to the core of our establishment. We need to be able to trust you with sensitive client information, in this unfortunate era of industrial espionage and professional sabotage, such information, were it to fall into the wrong hands could be misconstrued a something it isn’t, putting not just mere people at risk, but the whole foundation of the entertainment industry itself. Do you understand this Miss Lookaway?
Miss Lookaway: What do you want me to do?
Mr Hands: (smiles a fruity smile which makes his cheeks red and shiny like dirty apples) We’d like you to go ‘all-in’ with us. I’d like you personally to take this young student clears his throat ‘in hand’ if you get my meaning. That is, just so there is no miss understanding laughs to himself, we used to have a teacher called Miss Understanding here you know. Very ‘understanding’ you understand..... But she misunderstood, our aims that is, some things she DID understand of course, so  she handed in her resignation. Threatened to go to the papers with the story. Then she met with an accident of course. All very regrettable.Drawing himself up NOW do YOU understand Miss Lookaway? Are you one of us? You’ve looked away Miss Lookaway, don’t think we haven’t noticed, but are you ready to be one of us, to cease to be a spectator and be an agent. An agent of the ‘new-system’. You will be rewarded with whatever your heart desires, you will meet the highest of the land, the rich and famous, you can join us. Do you want to join us? Or would you rather, go the way of poor Miss Understanding. We can do anything. This is our world. It can be yours too. What do you say?
Miss Lookaway: A pay rise?
Mr Hands: laughs delightedly and suddenly contains himself  and speaks very slowly and quietly: Oh, so much more than that Miss Lookaway. Much more than that. We’ll make you ‘one of us’. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to earn a lot of money and don’t seem to have to do anything to get all the luck, while others toil away their whole lives fighting to pay the bills, losing their jobs, fighting to survive, while others, just seem to bound from one golden opportunity to the next?
Miss Lookaway is about to speak
Mrs Woods: It’s a rhetorical question, there’s no need to speak my dear, just listen.
Mr Hands:Well, if you want to come in with us then you will be in the same position. You will never have to worry about your bills or rent of anyone coming after you for money ever again. You will be as one with the world. Not fighting anymore, but on the same side. The world will fall at your feet and shower you in everything you could want in a world of friendly convenience and mutual support. Tell me now, are you in?
Miss Lookaway: That’s the easiest decision I’ve ever had to make: You bet I am!
Mrs Woods: Well we have a special club which helps us. You’ll need to come along and join.
Miss Lookaway: But I’m already in a special club. Miss Lookaway offers Mrs Woods her hand to shake who takes it and gives it a special squeeze.
Mrs Woods: Ahh! I see you’re already one of us after all. Ok Hands, fill her in. She’s on the level.
Mr Hands: surprised Oh I see, well fancy that! I suppose that’s why you’re here with us. I must say I am perpetually surprised at the way in which our great Tailor in the sky arranges things.
Miss Lookaway:  You mean the Goddess of the golden lake?
Mr Hands: Well, what’s a little miss translation between brother and sister eh? Miss Translation....have we ever had a Miss Translation on the payroll Mrs Woods?
Mrs Woods: Not that I recall.
Mr Hands laughs indulgently to himself.
Mr Hands: That settles it. You will come along this evening to our lodgement where you will receive further illumination of the path you are on and we will be able to adjudge how far your path might stretch out before you and perhaps new pathways will be opened to you.
Miss Lookaway: Thankyou. I think this is just what I have been waiting for.
Mr Hands: Yes it probably is. And just to encourage you fervour somewhat, I think we WILL start with a pay-rise. What do you think about an extra counts on his fingers five thousand.
Miss Lookaway: How did you guess?
Mr Hands: Miss Lookaway?
Miss Lookaway: Five-thousand! That’s my lucky number!
Mr Hands and Miss Lookaway laugh indulgently.
Mrs Woods: So Miss Lookaway, we have looked through applications from the poor yet attractive applicants  and Mr Hands and I have decided that this student holding up an application letter with photo attached should be the student to receive the scholarship. Reading  Cecillia Green. Hobbies: singing, dancing and playing hockey. Favourite TV shows: Inspector Blood’s Brutal-Murder mystery, Hyper-girls sugar-rush dance time, Carnage Ward and Backstreets.
Mr Hands: Good! 100 percent hit-rate.All our shows and all our people. She already has the ethos!
Miss Lookaway: As long as they don’t want to do Shakespeare or Chekov we’re on the same page.
Mrs Woods: continuing to read aloud favourite singer: Player Attitude. Ambition: wants to be a soap-star and pop singer. Yep, she was one of ours too. God what a fruitcake she was: Naomi Spence.
Miss Lookaway: Amazed she isn’t a junkie by now. It’s probably only her blind vanity that’s stopping her, worried she’d lose her looks I expect.
Mrs Woods: Well, we did have a hand in it... or rather you did, right Mr Hands? You’re still involved with here aren’t you? Keeping her on the right square.
Mr Hands:Well someone has to handle her. Just doing what I’m paid for, though I should get extra for the trauma of having listen to her sing.  She was quite pretty when she came to us,  she’s too old for me now, that kind of thing doesn’t appeal to me at all. As you shall see tonight Miss Lookaway.

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Act 2 Scene 1 Miss Lookaway seals the deal
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