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 Act 1 Scene 5 A popstar and a pair of nonces.

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Act 1 Scene 5 A popstar and a pair of nonces. Empty
PostSubject: Act 1 Scene 5 A popstar and a pair of nonces.   Act 1 Scene 5 A popstar and a pair of nonces. I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2015 4:31 pm

Naomi Spence is in the back of a black cab with Trevor driving and two gentlemen in the back one on each side of Ms Spence.
Naomi Spence: Where are you taking me?
Mr Hands turns to face Naomi Spence.
Mr Hands: Not you again I hate you, what you did to a child. She lunges for him.
Mr Hands quickly says a word to Trevor, who presses play on the car CD player and a strange disorientating audio track plays with the refrain ‘keep it a secret’ repeated at intervals. As Mr Hands speaks he addresses Naomi as ‘Songbird’ at which point Naomi’s eyes suddenly glaze over and she stares blankly ahead of her.
Mr Hands: My dear Songbird!  Now we’ll have no more of that silly business.  You really must learn to behave yourself, isn’t that right?
Naomi Spence:robotically Yes, I really must learn to behave myself. I am very sorry.
Mr Hands: I should think so. You really should show some respect, after all we’ve done for you. 
Naomi Spence: robotically staring blankly but with an attempt atseduction  Is there something I can do for you in return?
Mr Hands: Not now Songbird, we’ve got more important business to attend to. Now we need you to do that something for us.
Naomi Spence starts to remove her top.
Mr Hands: Not that. We need you to get in contact with ‘them’ for us again.
Naomi Spence: a look of terror passes over her face. They frighten me.
Mr Hands: Good, they’re supposed to, they’re evil. The powers of darkness wouldn’t be very dark if they welcomed you with sherry and  fairy cakes would they?
Naomi Spence: what do want me to say to them this time?
Mr Hands: This time there’s nothing for you to say, just to listen to their instructions and pass them on to ME. Think you can manage that Songbird?
They arrive at a house in Perivale which will be used for the séance. When they enter the house another gentleman  immediately sees Mr Hands and starts up a quite confidential conversation.
Mr Needle: Hands! How on earth are you, haven’t seen you in out lair for near a month now, what have you been up to old boy?
Mr Hands: I expect you of all people would know what I’ve been up to. I’m rather hurt you should have to ask.
Mr Needle: Sri Lanka again eh?
Mr Hands: Confidentially Ain’t civil war’s a great thing! All those street orphans. I’m like a dog with two dicks, I don’t know where to start, hanging with my little boys on Negombo beach.
Mr Needle: Had some fun did you?
Mr Hands: What do you think? It’s a goldmine! Forget Thailand, it’s getting a bit tricky these days, the locals seem to recognize you if they see say twice in more than ten years and they give you looks like they want to rip your balls off. Cheaper too. Thailand is getting priced out compared to Sri Lanka.
Mr Needle: What’s the going rate?
Mr Hands: Would you believe it if I told you, you’ll get change from a fiver? Where the average weekly wage for a family is five pounds you can imagine how happy the little boys are to earn something for their family. I’m like Mother Theressa when I get there. They can’t get enough of me.
Mr Needle: Where do you stay? Not the hotel surely?
Mr Hands: Oh no, St Vile’s got a place there. He tends to have a load of his showbiz and politics mates over and we have these big parties. All the boys you can eat buffet! It’s fucking incredible!
Mr Needle: Anyway, what’s all this about? They didn’t tell me anything.
Mr Hands: It’s an emergency session old boy. Tommy Sugarspoon had a blow-out on Malkuth.  Tried to move from Hod to Netzach with his dick in his hand.Got sent back to Mercury in fragments, so he’s no use to us anymore. We’ll need to dump him soon, it’s not a care-home round here.

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Act 1 Scene 5 A popstar and a pair of nonces.
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