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 Why The Illuminati Should Sue Lady Gaga.

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Why The Illuminati Should Sue Lady Gaga. Empty
PostSubject: Why The Illuminati Should Sue Lady Gaga.   Why The Illuminati Should Sue Lady Gaga. I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 04, 2017 7:37 am

Just over ten years ago, Lady Gaga was a nothing. She was just another wannabe pop star, strutting the stage in small concert halls, poorly-attended bars and the like. Her career, such as it was, was going literally nowhere. But deep inside her was an ambition to make it big one day, to be a star, rich and famous.

Her story is far from original. Many would-be stars go to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune, only to end up as failed actors/ actresses/ models/ musicians, flipping burgers for less than a $15 minimum wage. Not that there is anything wrong with this. Except for the eating of meat of course.

Fortunately for Gaga, she had the chance to sing before a member of the Illuminati. Yes, she was raw, she didn’t yet look the part, was naïve etc. But, the Illuminati saw potential in her and offered her a generous bargain. She could have it all, fame, fortune, power, creative ability. Like so many before Gaga, all the Illuminati wanted in return was her immortal soul. And she willingly entered into the bargain.

According to an interview, strangely cut from an accredited Netflix documentary about Lady Gaga:
Describing the moment she “donated her soul” to the Illuminati – outside a club in New York’s Lower East Side after performing a burlesque show in 2006 – Gaga described the experience as “very real and visceral, not metaphorical at all.”

“I had just been on stage, it was a good show, I was high on the love and applause from the crowd. I was outside lighting a cigarette, thinking about scoring some more cocaine. I was aching for more. More of everything. I just wanted to feel good. Feel anything. Then this man, a strangely ageless man in a suit, spoke to me. He was leaning against the wall, smoking, and he said to me ‘I think you’ve got what it takes. Do you want it?’ I asked what ‘it’ was. I thought he was coming on to me. But he smiled and said ‘Everything. Success. Fame. Riches. Power. Do you want it all?’

I looked at him curiously. I couldn’t work him out. Then he just stood there and sang one of the songs from my routine earlier. It was otherworldly. I stared at him like he was a dark jewel dredged up from the deepest ocean. I got down on my knees and asked him who I should praise.
I looked him right in the eye and told him I wanted it all.
I told him I’d do anything.

As a struggling performer who played mostly in dive bars, in burlesque clubs, and at late night revues, Gaga had little commercial success or public recognition before meeting the man she describes as “my illuminated prince.”

After “concluding a deal” with the prince outside the Mercury Lounge in New York City, Gaga found “success was a cinch.” In exchange for her soul, Gaga was able to create the music for which she became famous. Suddenly high-level collaborators, producers and promoters were lining up to work with the unknown burlesque performer.

Within one year she was a multi-platinum pop star, her work reaching an audience of billions around the world.

“His promises came true very quickly.”
“At the start I thought we made a good team. But it wasn’t long before I began to suffer.”
Gaga has battled with competing forces battling for supremacy inside herself for years, and she’s frequently at war with herself in the documentary — one side driven to perform, the other given to complaining about the rotten deal she has been handed by the “dark forces.”
Gaga believes the physical illness, fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition she says she has experienced for a while, is the physical manifestation of her fight to get out of the Illuminati record industry and break her contract with the “dark prince.“

“They may give you special powers, outer beauty, talent, and wealth for a while… but it doesn’t last,” Gaga said. “This is the reason why so many people who dabble in the dark arts are so unhappy. They flicker bright like a morning star and then wind up committing suicide or destroying themselves with substance abuse.”

Accredited Times comment: Lady Gaga made an arms-length deal with no compulsion and should honour her end of it. There is no question she received the benefits she sought and today she remains a major star, despite the problems with her tour due to said sickness. The Illuminati believed in her and invested in her career. The least she can do is to hand over her immortal soul as she agreed.
Now, however, she is having second thoughts and even wants an ‘exorcism’ to rid her of the ‘malevolent forces’ which control her life. This risks triggering Satanists, however, whose religion is fully accredited and followed by decent Americans like the Podesta brothers. For their sake, we ask that Gaga sticks to her deal or risk being sued.

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Why The Illuminati Should Sue Lady Gaga.
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