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 Australian mind control/ countdown

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PostSubject: Australian mind control/ countdown    Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:22 am

(couldn't post on your article about illuminati) Great read. I have a question related to my task on earth.

Long story short; I was starting to make videos about being positive while on the side being a typical posting the "truth" to multiple social media applications. I made posts about 9/11 as I'm quite experienced with aviation and how aircraft work. I made a connection at the start of 2017 about how those aircraft may have been rigged with explosives without knowing from the outside.

Anyway, for a week up to the event I'm about to speak of, my posts were being edited on Facebook and then a few posts were deleted infant of my eyes on Instagram, twice, right infront of my eyes. I have a history of working on a well known website called LiveLeak. I got paranoid years earlier thinking I was being followed etc etc.

I was always researching about reality, always day dreaming, preaching (too much) about what reality was. I was young (22) and literally was obsessed with just what life was. I had a feeling my life was just about to pick up from years of not fitting in to society. In the weeks leading up to the event I'm going to speak about I was putting together the pieces of tetragrammaton and it was really blowing my mind. I always knew of a connection to another world, I can't explain why but I just felt guided. I was warned multiple times about the girl I was seeing but failed to get rid of her as I'm too nice.

Anyway, it was March 2017, I went to my girlfriends apartment in the city. Now, I'm not sure how to explain this but one minute I was stood normally asking my girlfriend for something, next minute I was witnessing a complete countdown, my entire vision was taking away and I was watching an old school countdown which counted down from 7 to 0 along with beeps. When the countdown went away I was suddenly stood on the balcony looking in to my girlfriend doing washing. I had no idea how it happened, I didn't question to my girlfriend (don't know why)

It was like a vintage countdown, I felt myself during the countdown thinking "how is this happening"

Then, my paranoia became reality, people were following me everywhere, its as if someone was suddenly in my mind. I heard voices telling me I was part of some alien program, telling me all sorts of stuff. Long story short, I left my girlfriends and went on a long walk, I was told of torture areas in my city allllllll sorts of stuff. I was told I was a "blackstar"

It felt as if I was suddenly open in an energy sense, it felt like energy was being taken away from me. I couldn't cry.

Long story short, I went into hospital (told no one about the voices or the countdown) where the doctors wanted to put me on medication. I said no and managed to get out of hospital with the help of my mother.

During this time I was literally under the impression I was in a virtual reality about to be let out of some program, the voices kept telling me to visualise new realities with me in it as I was in battle with someone. I was told I was alien and given a set of rules to abide by. Everything I went on (TV,PHONE) felt connected to my mind. It was literally like I was in a waiting room. I was told I would be going to an underground torture room if I didn't succeed. Long story still short, I got put on medication due my behaviour around my parents. I would not eat either as i was very organic and could not handle the gmo processed rubbish. At one stage I was told I had Einstein inside of me and he will help me. I was told by these voices not to speak of any of this to anyone or else I'd be locked in. Now, its as if my mind is connected to something. I hear things in sync with my thought pattern and my mind gets wiped all the time. I literally can not disappear into thought, I can no longer visualise anymore. It's horrible. I still have voices all the time that pop in and say "thats going to happen to you" or "we like you" just random stuff now. Before it was as if the whole world revolved around me.

I know, at this stage, you probably think I'm crazy but after seeing that countdown my whole LIFE view changed as I did not think in my wildest dreams something like that could suddenly happen. The only think I can think now is mind control. I have looked up everything and can't find one thing on the internet about a countdown.

I managed to get off the medication before its full affect. I've told a few people about what I saw but no one understands. I went to a physic that said I do a lot of astral projecting and that my one of my chakras is blocked. When I asked her about the countdown she said it might've been an out of body experience but I know what I saw was made by something. It was as if my mind was intercepted.

Have you ever heard similar? I have no idea what to do now, I'm 22, my mind just literally doesn't work properly anymore.
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Australian mind control/ countdown
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