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 Initiation or depopulation?

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Initiation or depopulation? Empty
PostSubject: Initiation or depopulation?   Initiation or depopulation? I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 15, 2017 5:06 pm

I haven't wasted anytime reading numerous topics within the broad range of the title gang stalking but I without reading by personal experience I'm a TI that there are only two types of persons who are targets the low lives who lack the ability to do anything GOOD with their shallow weak minded asses AND THE Do Gooders who are disgusted by this bullshit and all the enslavement it stands for who see family before factions except in this case if you come at me and were family I would fucknyou up worse than a stranger you deservrvto be flatlined father made you MF you. self discipline as opposed to subjugation of others. My Parents ESPECIALLY MY MOM whom I will love forever wouldn't be able to run my life as a healthy financially independent adult who ever thinks they can overstep boundaries the u.s. constitution and my mom couldn't for being unacceptable either has got a serious set if balls or is nuts and as far as being compliant to fucking man and yes I'm. Hetroosexual and no I'm not a feminist Hell w/o) freeze over first respecting someone's wishes is one thing being a remote control bitch is another issue. Bottom lIIne I could never willingly be part if a fucked up group of gross mass mfs with such perverse strange prymordial ads mentalities because I think its them who should be exterminated and destroyed mfs
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Initiation or depopulation?
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