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 Is Feminism controlled directly from Israel?

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Is Feminism controlled directly from Israel? Empty
PostSubject: Is Feminism controlled directly from Israel?   Is Feminism controlled directly from Israel? I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2016 7:20 am

Just wondering.....I came across this strange article in Salon which seems to be a bit of a homage to Ariel Sharon....

99 percent of Liberals hated Sharon...... so I wonder where Salon, as one of the many crazed voices for Feminism is targetting its seems it's trying to influence it...

Also a Salon writer visiting Ariel Sharon on his farm?

That's a bit cosy isn't it?

Quote :

When I went to see him on his farm in southern-central Israel a few months before he became Israel’s prime minister in February 2001, he wasn’t wearing the business suit. His gargantuan form was revealed. In his casual shirt and jeans, he looked like Homer Simpson. His bulk was such that he seemed to lack all physical features. I could’ve drawn him as a single, smooth ellipse from forehead to toe.

The pro Israeli bias is apparent when the writer Matt Rees states that the Israeli forces went in to 'snuff out suicide bombers'. No mention of course of the innocent men they torture or the dead women and children left in their wake.

Quote :

I continued to write about Sharon during the intifada, when he sent Israeli forces into every Palestinian town and village to snuff out the suicide bombers. On the way, I happened across still more food lore about him. He had a penchant for barbecued turkey testicles, which I have since discovered to be a little gummy, much like spine or brain, and to have a slight savor of scallops. His most favored companions would always report their conversations to me as having taken place over a meal at the farm. One told me that, as he called the intifada “a struggle over our existence,” Sharon filled his face with chicken salad.

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Is Feminism controlled directly from Israel?
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