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 White Australian women part of ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS.

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White Australian women part of ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS. Empty
PostSubject: White Australian women part of ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS.   White Australian women part of ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2016 2:08 pm

Found this article while researching Carnita Matthews, a white women who likes to dress in a Burqa and drive around Australia amassing fines which she refuses to pay and when stopped by police cries racism.

Apparently this unhinged swing door is also part of a ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS.

What is it with women huh?

Quote :

[size=16]Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Australia: Carnita Matthews, Burqa Babe Who Falsely Accused a Cop, Is Wife To One of Those Arrested for Sending Jihadis to Syria
White Australian women part of ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS. Lg-share-en
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As reported by Clementine Cuneo in Sydney's Daily Telegraph just now.
'Sydney men 'sent Aussies [sic - CM] to fight in Syria'.
'The husband of controversial (sic: "lawfare-waging" would be a more accurate description; or "lying and trouble-making" - CM) Muslim woman Carnita Matthews (I wonder what her super-special convert-to-Islam Arabic name is? - CM)  is one of two people arrested today for sending Australians (that is, for the 1000th time I find myself making this correction, "Australian-passport-possessing Muslims" - CM) to fight on the front lines of Syria's civil war.
Gee: what a surprise. - CM
'Hamdi Alqudsi, 39, was arrested at his St Helen's Park home, at the same time police were arresting a 23 year old man in Lidcombe.
The locations are unsurprising. The focus of the Ummah colony in Sydney is in Lakemba, now 51 percent Muslim, with Auburn not far behind; but there are now subsidiary colonies forming all across western and southwestern Sydney. - CM
'Alqudsi is the husband of Ms Matthews, who is best known for her run-in with police, when she refused to remove her burqa during a random breath test, two years ago."
She also made a false declaration accusing the police officer of mistreating her; but was caught out by the footage on his car cam which showed that he had not done what she said he did.  She slithered free, however, in the resulting court case because - since she had worn the Slave Mask at the time when she made her statement accusing the officer - it was decided that it was not 100 percent certain that the woman in the car cam footage and the woman who handed in the accusation against the cop were one and the same.
If you click on the link to read the article at The Telegraph you will see her bearded jihadi husband being taken away by the cops and you will also see footage of Ms Matthews - or something that is said to be Ms Matthews, but how can one be sure? -  in full black Ringwraith get-up, outside the court after the aforesaid case. 
She has been busy producing little jihadis for the Cause...
"The pair (Al Qudsi and Matthews - CM) have several children between them.
'Police allege Alqudsi organised travel and arranged overseas contacts for six Australians to fight in Syria.
'This allegedly included fighting with the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra and affiliates of Al-Qaeda..".
Observe: where the slave-masked Muslimah scuttles, there also the Jihad gang boss prowls.  If Al Qudsi wasn't already under scrutiny at the time his convert-to-Islam wife made an exhibition of herself and made false accusations against a policeman, he should certainly have come under scrutiny thereafter.   Further thought: any country that has instituted or may in future institute a Burqa and Niqab Ban should, in the process of enforcing it, thoroughly investigate - as a matter of course - the Muslim male associates of any masked Muslimahs caught flouting the ban; for it's a safe bet that some of those males will turn out to be Up To No Good.  - CM[/size]

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White Australian women part of ring sending Jihadis to join ISIS.
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