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 Euro 2016 fan violence, hidden hand terror?

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Euro 2016 fan violence, hidden hand terror? Empty
PostSubject: Euro 2016 fan violence, hidden hand terror?   Euro 2016 fan violence, hidden hand terror? I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 12, 2016 9:05 pm

I just wonder if the attacks on England fans in Marseille by organised Russian Ultras (a movement which has Italian origins) and the fact that the fans were apparently unprotected is a cultural psyche-out to remind us to be scared of Russia and that we need European membership to protect us.

England fans were also attacked by the Marseille ultras. Something about the right wing in Europe being a hidden device of the secret EU. Funny how Greece risked being taken over by the extreme right for not playing ball with Europe and ratifying the economic reforms. And now a hidden hand of right wing ultras are targeting England fans because England may quit the EU.

Everything's pretty tense in France, it's like a political powder keg, they've just had riots in Paris and now football riots.....

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Euro 2016 fan violence, hidden hand terror?
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