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 virtual reality

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PostSubject: virtual reality    virtual reality  I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2016 3:28 am

Or the real world for the masses?

Think they already reached a reality preference.. Virtual.. Elites made it more likable enjoyable.. Heads stuck in smart'phones

Feel sorry for young today they must see 2 worlds.. Realities? Buy ur kid a phone seems be the way...

Toddlers with apple watches probs next..

Anythings possible in todays society.
They get it to fit in.. Or be above others.

Virtual or reals the question

Sit at a dinner table and chat to a person.. Or screen?

Screens better? Cant wait.. No patience.. Sit tapping knee.. Ignoring or giving smile then its virtual time

Might aswell just zoom ur face into fone screen and strap urself in.. Fucking headband or something.. Virtual reality

Robot movies been steadily releasing etc

Suppose they need to get us into our phones screens more.. Not much to look at outside

Cctv fences war big bad dogs hell?

Keep looking tho at ur screen..

U might see them put it up.. Distraction.. Or things change arnd u

They wont need show papers etc.. They got our tech (taking with us? ).. And profile
... Cctv setup..

The games control.. And ppl masses are are being bled dry by control vultures needing more

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virtual reality
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