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 BREXIT: Last chance to break free of the paedophiles.

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BREXIT: Last chance to break free of the paedophiles. Empty
PostSubject: BREXIT: Last chance to break free of the paedophiles.   BREXIT: Last chance to break free of the paedophiles. I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2016 12:19 am

Almost all UK MP's implicated in our movement into the EU and EEC seem to be tarnished with the paedophile brush.

Ted Heath, Leon Brittan.

The Germans control Europe and have an ambivalent attitude to paedophilia at the best of times.

We can assume that Ted 'fatty paedo' Heath signed into the UK into Europe because he was being blackmailed by German paedo nazis.


It all goes back to Germany......

Ted Heath met Hitler in 1937.

As you don't......

Quote :
After Ted Heath's talk we tucked into some sandwiches in our seedy staff room and he, being in Canterbury, reminisced about his mum, a Broadstairs scullery maid, and his dad, a local carpenter. Ted, of course, took us into the EU, and a loyal band of demonstrators were chanting outside. Heath mused: "If only they'd seen a Nazi rally, they'd appreciate why I took us in." I asked about Hitler, whom he had met in 1937, and, looking into the middle distance between himself and my noticeboard of weekly sales information, he said: "as we left we knocked into each other in the doorway. As I apologised I held his arm and, after the electricity of the [Nuremberg] rally, it struck me how thin it was inside the serge uniform and I thought : you're a little man really aren't you? . . . yes, he
was just a little man.

Heath however, the man who destroyed Britain by signing her sovereignty away was a big fat paedo man.

Ironic that he had such a close link with the power behind Europe in 1937....... maybe Hitler and his pals hooked paedo Heath up with some poor German Junge and kept a hold of him ever since.....

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BREXIT: Last chance to break free of the paedophiles.
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