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 This world is evil.... Practise non attachment.

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This world is evil.... Practise non attachment. Empty
PostSubject: This world is evil.... Practise non attachment.   This world is evil.... Practise non attachment. I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2015 5:00 pm

This world is evil, always has been always will be.

Not quite sure how I found myself here but it isn't a place I would have chosen to come to.

Following this logic it is most certainly not a place that we should bring other souls into.

The aim of existence is not to perpetuate the species or even one's own DNA.

This basic approach only makes sense to materialists who have no sense of their higher self and no direct experience of their own immortal souls.

That's fine for them, perhaps they will have to die and return several times to this planet before they figure things out.

For those of us who have worked it out and are probably on our last physical incarnation here, we realise that a better higher reality is possible which is more intune with the inner reality we experience.

This world will never accommodate or reflect our true natures because this world only reflects base animal and materialstic natures because it is these people who dominate the word.

So it's time to pack your astral bags, take a seat at the departure lounge and wait for our flight out of here..... unencumbered. 

No baggage, no kids, no wife..... no burdens. 

Light, free, and ready to fly.

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This world is evil.... Practise non attachment.
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